What’s Your (dress) Type on Paper?

Like pretty much the whole of the UK, we’ve seriously caught the Love Island bug here at DP HQ! From Polar Bear Chris, to the nation’s new sweetheart Camilla, the islanders this year have taken a special place in our hearts. So we thought we’d help you find your next summer dress in true Love Island style… cue the puns!

When it comes to dress shopping, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. It’s good to keep your options open and play the field before making your decision. So what is your type (on paper)? We’re here to help you find out…

Love Marcel? It’s the shift dress for you

Green Ruffle Shift Dress £30

If Marcel is your guy, then chances are you like the reliable type. The kind of man that won’t let you down and you know you can lean on whatever the occasion.
If so, the shift dress is the one for you. We guarantee you’ll be able to wear this one to meet the parents and definitely won’t get mugged off.

Love Jamie? It’s the LBD for you

Black One Shoulder Ruffle Dress £22

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of timeless style and if you’re a fan of the gorgeous Jamie a classy little number like our LBD will be right up your street.  But don’t be fooled by the exterior, pair with the right accessories and you could take your LBD from ‘lady on the street ‘to a ‘freak in the sheets’ in no time (Camilla’s words, not ours by the way).

Love Kem? It’s the bodycon dress for you

Red Bow Bardot Dress £25

Much like cheeky chappy Kem, our bodycon dresses are sassy and perfectly complement your best assets. If you’ve fallen for the charm of our favourite Essex boy this one’s for you. Pair with killer heels, crack on the dance floor and watch the boys melt!

Love Chris? It’s the wrap dress for you

Red Ruffle Wrap Dress £25

When nothing else will do, there’s always time for a wrap (or rap), as the loveable Chris knows! In true Chris style our gorgeous wrap dresses were born to stand out so if you’re planning on making an entrance this is the one you need… hashtag everything.

Still not found your type? Don’t worry we’ve got plenty more where they came from over in our dresses category. We’re pretty sure you’ll find the one to couple up with this weekend and if not, we’ve got newcomers every week to stir things up.

Images c/o: Rex


Katie Price

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