Everything You Need To Know About Mule Shoes

If you don’t yet own a pair of mules, you better go out and get some! This is one shoe trend to invest in now and wear all season long.

If there’s one pair of shoes you must own – it’s mules. Effortless in wear and style, a mule shoe is the must-have way to revamp your look. From their stylish origins to how you should be wearing them, here’s everything you need to know about mule shoes…

Get the Mule 101

What are Mule Shoes - Black Bow Mules

Black ‘Heaven’ Mules £18

So, what are mule shoes? A ‘mule’ is a French word referring to a backless style of shoe. Traditionally these have a round and closed toe but in modern times they can also be designed with a open or peep-toe.

Within the 18th century the mule was a popular indoor heel (for both men and women!), however by the early 20th century it had fallen out of fashion. Luckily, with a little help from Marilyn Monroe, the mule’s popularity re-surged in the 1950s and the shoe has been unstoppable ever since.

From retro heels, Scandinavian-inspired styles to the popular ‘slide’ styles in the ’90s (thank you Carrie Bradshaw!), mules have undergone many reincarnations. Thankfully they’re back once again this season and we just can’t get enough.

Mules on the Runway

What are Mule Shoes - Designer & Streestyle Mules

Clockwise from top right: Phillip Lim, Michael Kors, Gucci, Streetstyle, Streetstyle

There’s no doubt that this shoe rocked the runway. Mules were all over the new designer collections (which means they are everywhere right now). From Dior’s laid-back flats to Chanel’s pearl heels, designers showed the versatility of mules and the fash-pack have truly embraced them. From work to weekend, denim to designer get-ups, mules are a must-have in every look.

The Mule Factor

What are Mule Shoes - New Mule Styles 2018

Nude ‘Heaven’ Mules £18, Grey ‘Heaven’ Mules £18, White PU ‘Heaven’ Twist Bow Mules £18

So what’s peaking our interest this time around? It’s all about the details this season and that extends down to our footwear. If you’re looking to go out-out, then embellished mules are your party winners. Tired of heels? Keep it feminine (and comfy) in a bow front flat mule. On the other side of the mule spectrum, you won’t go wrong with a everyday pair of strappy slip-ons.

It’s Fact – Mules Rule

What are Mule Shoes - White Strappy Mules

White ‘Storm’ Mules – coming soon 

The beauty of the mule is that you can wear them however you fancy – there are NO rules! From metallic mules with a floral dress for a friend’s wedding to low-heeled options with your favourite skinny jeans, these beauts can be paired with anything with ease…

Image Credit: WGSN

If we’ve inspired you to slip into a pair, check out our new in footwear to discover all the latest mule shoe styles this season! And. how will you be wearing yours? Let us know in the comments below.


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