Valentine’s Hair Ideas

Need some Valentine’s hair ideas? The experts at Rush Hair & Beauty share a few secret style tricks for changing up your style, for an elegant, natural you.

From brand new cuts to simple easy do yourself styles there’s plenty to choose from. Each style goes perfectly with one of our valentines’ day outfit ideas – see which one you’d like to pair up.

Big Blow Out

Gigi Hadid 

Blow them away – that special someone loves you not matter how you look, but this Valentines, why not ‘shush’ it up a bit! If you like to wear your hair down then do what feels right – just amplify it! Never underestimate the power of a big blow-dry, it adds instant elegance, volume and bounce, whether you opt for a trip to the salon or DIY-dry.

To create a big blow-dry at home:

  1. Start by washing your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner, then towel-dry.
  2. Follow with ample amounts of L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Volume Lift mouse– this is great for building texture and volume when applied to the roots and mid-lengths.
  3. Blow-dry upside down to add volume at the roots.
  4. Complete your look with a touch of Redken Glowdry Oil for a healthy looking, shiny finish. Apply an almond-sized drop in your hands, and run through the ends only.
  5. If you have curly hair, keep it natural by adding moisture (and reducing frizz) with the Aveda Be Curly range of shampoos, conditioners and curl enhancing creams – ideal for a natural, shiny and bouncy finish.

Top-tip: avoid putting serums and oils near your roots, as they can make your hair greasy.

Top Knot

Hailee Steinfeld

Love Knots – for casual undone-elegance try a top knot. This look has featured heavily on catwalks and is the perfect for that ‘stylish without trying to hard’ look. What’s more, this hair style is ideal if you’re planning to brave the breeze along the river … and sharing an ‘umbrella moment’!

To create a top knot at home:

  1. Start by brushing hair from every side upwards, so it’s smooth and tie with a clear elastic band.
  2. Then add texture, by teasing the entire ponytail of hair.
  3. Once everything is backcombed, twist the ponytail around the hair band, to create the bun shape.
  4. Using a few pins discreetly secure the bun in place, you shouldn’t need many.
  5. Complete with hairspray to add more texture and to secure the style, Aveda Styling Air Control Hair Spray is ideal for this.

Top-tip: when teasing hair, do it gently and avoid using a comb as this tends to compact hair too tightly, reducing volume. A boar bristle brush or Tangle Teezer is the ideal tool.

Flirty Fringe

Elle Fanning

Let your hair down with the girls? It’s time try something new. Start with ‘me-time’ at the salon before your big night out.

Inspired by the nineties, bangs are back this year and a great way to add drama to your look without going for the big chop. Whether you fancy a sweeping side or a full fringe, there’s one suited to everybody and they look great whether your hair is up or down. Never fear, this clever little addition will be certain to give someone butterflies too, with long fluttering eye lashes beneath.

Choosing the perfect fringe for you:

  • Full blunt fringe: Blunt bangs epitomise flirty femininity and ideal if you desire the 90’s statement. This style of fringe is best suited to thicker hair types and oval faces. Not so great for rectangular faces, as it can square your jawline. Great with long, wavy hair, highlights and updos.
  • Soft side-sweeping fringe: This is suitable for most hair types, lengths and face shapes. It’s flexible and easy to style, especially if you regularly flirt with different hair styles. It’s subtly means playing with colour is a real opportunity; great with your balayage or ombre hair. But make sure you ask your stylist what is the ideal length for your face.
  • Micro fringe: This is so striking and fashion-forward, ideal if you have the character (and a petite heart-shaped face) to pull it off. Ideal for shiny, fine and long hair types seeking a bit more attitude!
  • Seventies-split fringe: This is great for most hair types and lengths, but is less suited to squarer faces. Perfect for growing a fringe out or accentuating your features, the longer parting and sweeping shape focuses attention on your cheek bones and lips, for playful nonchalance.


Low Chignon

Nikki Reed

The chignon is easy to achieve and will be great for day two of your trip away with that special someone. Start day one with wavy or loose curls, so the chignon looks even better – wherever you end up in the world!

To create a low chignon at home:

  1. Start by with the head band on
  2. Separate the top and bottom half of your hair (as if you were doing a half-up half-down hairdo.) Pin the top half out of the way.
  3. Then layer by layer, sprinkle some volumising dust into the bottom section of your hair to build texture and volume. Run your hands through it to disperse the dust afterwards.
  4. Now backcomb each layer as well, then create a low bun with a clear elastic.
  5. Releasing the top section of hair, separate in two.
  6. Wrap the left section of hair over the right-hand side of the bun and pin with slides. Then wrap the right section of hair over the top, left-hand side of the bun. Again secure with pins.
  7. Complete by adding a few pins to the sides of your bun, to hold everything in place.

Top-tip: a great expanding dust for added texture and volume is L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Super Dust. It makes teezing hair even easier, by plumping each layer.

For more Valentines inspo check out our Valentines Day outfit ideas and share with us in the comments below which style you’ll be trying out! 

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