The DP x Grl Pwr Gang Guide to Confidence

We at DP are all about supporting women, so it made perfect sense for us to get together with the Grl Pwr Gang to share some words of wisdom on the subject of confidence.

What does confidence mean to you? This was the main question we at DP were pondering at Shoreditch House last Tuesday, chatting all things empowerment with Grl Pwr Gang, an all-star collective of creative, kick-ass women.

Founded by Kirsti Hadley in 2016 (on no other than International Women’s day) the Grl Pwr Gang is a collective of influential women, passionate about championing one another and providing opportunities and support for like-minded ladies. Rounding up some of a very best in the industry, we picked the brains of Kirsti, Tinea Taylor, Sarah Akwisombe, Callie Thorpe and DP’s very own Stephanie Bamsey on all things confidence.

Stephanie Bamsey – Head of Marketing, Dorothy Perkins

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“Confidence is not ‘they will like me’ but instead ‘it’s fine if they don’t’. I try to always remember the following…1) to stay true to your own vibe, 2) not to compare yourself to anyone else, 3) believe in yourself, believe in others AND surround yourself with good people that believe in you.”

Callie Thorpe – Model & Influencer

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“Fake it till you make it. Pretend like you believe in yourself even if you don’t. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Having fear can be a driver to success and our own self-doubt is what holds us back. Confidence isn’t something you always have it’s something you learn and we can all be more confident in different aspects of our life.”

Tinea Taylor – Presenter & DJ

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“The best piece of advice I can give is to persevere. I’ve gotten so many ‘No’s’ in my career in the past, which used to knock my confidence BUT I didn’t let that stop me because I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. Keep knocking down doors and eventually one will open.”

Sarah Akwisombe – Interior Designer and Blogger

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“For me [having confidence] came from my parents always having my back from when I was really little. I remember my mum and dad backing it for me on various occasions when I’d come up against a problem with authority, either for someone else’s wrongdoing or me thinking outside of the box. I try and do this for Marley [my daughter] as much as I can now, I want her to know that we’re all the same, no one is more powerful or important and we all have something to say and be heard.”

Kirsti Hadley – Founder of Grl Pwr Gang

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“Being confident to me means not putting other women down in order to feel good about myself. It means being so sure of myself and my own skills and capabilities that I’m not scared to put my peers in front of people that should see them for fear of it taking work away from me or somehow making their light shine brighter than mine.”


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