Summer Fitness Trends on Trial

Ditch running and skip spinning, with so many new ways of working out you’ll never dread the gym again!

This year has seen a surge in people getting fit – and letting us know about it! Activewear is now acceptable to be worn anywhere from the school run to weekend brunch and girls would rather be strong NOT skinny. If you’re looking to kick-start your fitness regime or re-motivate yourself for summer dressing here’s some suggestions of the latest summer fitness trends to grace our gyms – tried and tested by the team at DP HQ.

Summer Workout Trends on Trial
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HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Gyms are now introducing HIIT training – a half-an-hour class combining basic cardio moves. How hard can it be you ask? This type of training is no walk in the park. Quick blasts of jumps, squats, lunges and press-ups are put together to create ‘super sets’. These classes use your whole body and trust us, you will sweat! The plus side? The sets are short and it’s only half an hour! You can find these classes at your local gym or through a trainer.

Tried and tested by Katie, Social Media Coordinator

“I did Insanity before a summer holiday for about a month. It was, as promised, insane! The results are amazing, I couldn’t believe how toned I got and how fit I felt. However, it’s incredibly hard work. I wouldn’t say it’s for beginners as a base level of fitness is required to keep up in classes, but if you get the DVDs you can take it at your own pace. I can’t recommend it enough but be warned… it’s not for the faint-hearted!”

Summer Fitness Trends on Trial
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Long slender legs, a perky bottom and the calves of a prima ballerina. Where do we sign up? This latest craze combines ballet skills, pilates and yoga core training to tighten and tone the legs, bum and tum. Classes are usually an hour long and use light arm weights, a pilates ball, ballet barre and a lot of balance. It’s a great class for those looking for a more relaxed way of exercising and toning.

Tried and tested by Alice, Assistant Editor

“Aside from the classes being rather pricey, I found barre refreshing compared to the high-intensity gym classes I’m used to. It takes one or two sessions to get the hang of some of the moves as you work through ballet moves and poses fairly quickly. I also found it did wonders for my posture and back muscles as each move starts with a stretch to tone the muscle. I definitely saw a change in my abs and thighs from just a course of 5 sessions and recommend it to anyone looking to try something new.”

Summer Workout Trends on Trial
Image Credit: @kayla_itsines

Instagram Challenges

Can you hold a plank for 4 minutes straight? Or squat over 200 times a night? How high can you jump? This summer get instafit with a whole range of challenges which build up your fitness. Or if you’re looking for quick at-home workouts our favourite instagrammers such as @Kayla_itsines and @Clean_eating_alice put up quick 20 minute routines to do either at the gym or at home. It’s a whole new era and we’re loving the ease of working out straight wherever we feel like it.

Tried and Tested by Sophie, Production Coordinator

“Fitting in the gym to my busy lifestyle leaves little room for imagination. Luckily, Instagram solves this dilemma. I started by doing the 30 day squat challenge which starts on day 1 with 50 squats and works your way up to 250 in a month. While I did see some improvement, I think you need to add this to a workout regime and a stricter diet to really see results. I do put together different workouts by Instagram celebrities, I find @clean_eating_alice inspiring as she writes tips for different moves and makes everything seem quick and easy!”

Summer Workout Trends on Trial

Image Credit: Las Playitas

 The Fitness Holiday

Heralded by our favourite TV and film stars, a week away is the perfect boost to your fitness regime. These boot camp style holidays will give you a completely personalized workout regime for the entire week you’re there and you get to do it in sunny weather – what could be better! There’s so many camps to choose from, for all fitness levels and depending on the type of exercise you’re looking to do.

Tried and Tested by Jenny, Editor

“If you want to see results fast, then a healthy week away in sunny climes is massively motivating. I visited Las Playitas in Fuerteventura and combined at least 4 hours of exercise a day (think spinning, yoga, fitness classes, hiking, swimming and more) with 27-degree sunshine. The beauty of this break is that it wasn’t a set routine, you could pick and choose from a packed programme of activities. I came back beautifully bronzed, totally relaxed and 7lb lighter. The variety of fitness classes on offer meant it was impossible to get bored. I’d definitely do it again.”

Inspired by the latest summer fitness trends? If you’re trying out new classes, some confidence-boosting new gym clothes and activewear will help you hit the ground running. We’d recommend adding a few stress-busting yoga poses to your routine too to take care of your mind, as well as your body.



Alice - Assistant Editor

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