Secret Santa Do’s and Don’ts

There’s no escaping it, chances are you’re going to have to participate in at least one Secret Santa exchange this year. Whether you’re buying for a close friend or a work colleague follow these do’s and don’ts for present perfection.


1. Set a budget and stick to it

We’d suggest £5 or £10 with people you don’t know too well, but with friends or family why not increase the budget to £25 or even £50? Not only will it mean you all get a really great gift but you also only have to buy one!

2. Make sure you’re all on the same page

So you’ve been really thoughtful with your gift and get a naughty Santa outfit in return. Not cool. Joke presents are fun, but make sure you’re all on the same page otherwise someone is going to be very embarrassed or very disappointed on gift-giving day.

3. Get to know your recipient

A personal touch goes a long way. Find out your recipient’s interests and hobbies and we guarantee you’ll make their day when they open their gift, plus narrowing your options down makes shopping a lot easier!

4. Keep it a secret

We’re all guilty of telling someone who we’ve got and asking them to promise not to tell anyone else. 2 weeks later everyone knows who is buying for who and the fun of Secret Santa is lost! We know it’s hard but keeping it all a secret will only make the gift-giving more fun.


1. Go too crazy…

So you’ve decided to do fun gifts this year, but just remember you still have to see each other again before you head down to buy a super-risqué gift. Because let’s face it, they’re going to find out it’s come from you sooner or later!

2. … But don’t be boring either

That said, a not-very-thoughtful box of chocolates or whatever you managed to grab on your lunch break won’t be well received either.

3. Leave it till last minute

Panic buying will probably mean you spend more but get less. Be organised and try to get your gift a few days in advance to save the mad rush. Don’t forget to check out our Gift Guide for some ideas to buy now.

Got a Secret Santa tip we’ve not covered? Share them in the comment box below and we’ll add them to our list! 


Katie Price

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