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Ruth Ridgeway - Inspiring Women in Business

As part of our inspiring women in business campaign we’re looking to career girls accross industry, specialism and skill.

Today we’re talking to lifestyle coach Ruth Ridgeway creator of The Lifestyle Designers Club. Ruth helps entreprenuers build digital communities and is a pioneer in the blogging community here’s her story…

Q1: Talk us through a typical working day

Up at 7am for an hour of writing, before grabbing some breakfast and jumping in the shower, ready to start work at nine. Usually I’ll create a blog post for the day or photograph a post to share on Instagram, before checking emails and getting stuck in to a client’s design project.

There’s usually a little too much Facebook checking on there (where a lot of my clients come from), however I try to structure most of my day with a set lunch break and finish time to make sure I get the most done in my day yet don’t end up working non stop – which can easily happen when you have your own business.

Q2. What is your trademark workwear style, and why?

I keep it pretty simple, and focus on the accessories. Skinny ripped jeans and an oversized white tee usually. Some big gold hoops, an array of necklaces and a couple cute rings and I’m set to go.

Q3. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Be your own number one backer.

Q4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Honestly this changes a lot as I grow.

I don’t have one single person I look to for inspiration, but collect different pieces from people I know or admire.

That said, my man has taught me a lot (most of which he probably doesn’t even realise) – and he definitely inspires me to be – and do – my best.

5. What’s your next big career goal?

To design and launch my own lifestyle and interior accessories. They’ll be heavily influenced by my typography and photography background, and I can’t wait to mix them together with beautifully crafted homeware items. It’ll be the type of stuff people really treasure to bringing into their home, making their space personal to them.

6. When it comes to work, what has been the best decision you’ve made?

Believing in myself.

7. And what has been the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?

You can’t please everyone – and yes, I’ve tried, and it’s tiring.

I’m definitely a recovering people pleaser, yet when I decided to have full confidence in myself, and just do they stuff I really loved – that when things really changed for both my own happiness, and my business.

Q8. What do you believe is the biggest challenge to women in business today?

Just that. Belief in yourself and what you can bring to the world. I see so many amazing women and they’re so talented, yet for whatever reason they’re afraid to really show up and shine. Conquer that, and you can do anything you want to do.

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