One Piece Swimsuits Are Making a Comeback!

one piece swimsuits making a comeback

The one-piece swimsuit is making a comeback (and we couldn’t be happier)!

There was a simultaneous sigh of relief heard around the office when we made this announcement, and to celebrate, we’ve answered some of your top questions, listed some one piece inspo and provided our top 10 one pieces that you buy right now!

If you’re searching for the perfect one-piece, you’re not alone! According to Polyvore, Lyst and Shopstyle, one piece related searches have risen exponentially throughout the last few months. And with Summer in full swing, there’s no sign of this slowing down…

We did a bit of research into what people were asking when they were searching for their one pieces – and this is what we discovered (we’ve put in answers where we can)…

What do guys think about one piece bathing suits?

It’s what YOU think about a one piece bathing suit that matters… and if you feel good in it, you should definitely wear it.

How to wear a one piece bathing suit?

The possibilities are endless but these are the most popular looks we’ve noticed;

  1. Plain one-piece suit with a wide-brimmed sun hat, kimono and mules
  2. Floral one-piece with a sarong and flip flops
  3. One-piece tucked into shorts with a fedora

How to put on a one piece swimsuit?

Depending on how heavy the fabric is, it may require a lot of wriggling but it’s a simple case of;

  1. Left leg in first
  2. Pull up
  3. Right leg in second
  4. Wiggle into place
  5. Left and right strap over shoulders and voila!

Girls rocking one-pieces

Our Top 5 One-Piece Swimsuits

#1 Vero Moda Frill Swimsuit £34

#2 Noisy May Mix Floral Print Swimsuit £32

#3 Monochrome Striped Swimsuit £28

#4 Noisy May Ombre Slogan Swimsuit £32

#5 Paisley Print Swimsuit £25

Ready to take the plunge? Check out our collection of one piece swimsuits starting from just £24!


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