Marshmallow Recipes We Can’t Wait to Try

Marshmallow recipes

We’re all about trying the latest food craze, and the Marshmallowist has created a book full of marshmallowy delights for you to make at home. Here’s our verdict…

We recently caught up with friend-of-DP Oonagh Simms and got our hands on a copy of her brand new book, The Marshmallowist. It covers the basics of marshmallow-making as well as a whole host of mouth-watering recipes to make the most of this on-trend ingredient. Did we mention there are gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free and veggie options too?! We’re sold.

The book introduces the recipes by season and situation, which makes it even easier to find the perfect marshmallow recipes. Inspired by ‘bustling markets, late-night feasting, parties in fields and angry French chefs’, it will take you on a journey through marshmallow-themed decadence. You’re going to want to try everything, but here are a few of our highlights from the book to try now and later…

Grown-Up Flavours


For summer, the Persian Raspberry, Rose & Pistachio Cake recipe in the book is one of the prettiest to look at, but we’re in love with the flavour combination too. Once you’ve got the basics mastered, this is the recipe to put on your list.

For autumn try the warming Tequila, Lime & Chilli Marshmallows – ideal as a Day-of-the-Dead-party surprise.

Celebratory Style


For summer, the Raspberry & Champagne Ice Pops are the perfect treat to try while the weather is hot, hot, hot. Also, they don’t include gelatin or marshmallow, but have been inspired by one of the Marshmallowist’s fave flavour pairings. That makes it nice and easy to make if you’re daunted by trickier recipes.

For winter, it’s all about the Millionaire’s Marshmallows, a delicious dinner-party dish.



For summer we’re opting for the S’mores, Two Ways recipe. Created for a lavish Indian wedding in Florence, it’s a show-stopping treat for entertaining guests on balmy evenings. And, anything sweet, gooey and chocolatey always gets our vote.

For autumn and beyond, when we’re all cosying back up on the sofa, it’s the perfect time to try the Marshmallowist’s Popcorn recipe. And even if you can’t make marshmallows, you can definitely buy them and melt them over popcorn. Easy!

Ultimate Indulgence

Marshmallow recipes

For summer, we’re feeling for some Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream. For this recipe you can use any flavour of marshmallows, and an ice-cream machine is not considered cheating. It also follows the same steps as making a marshmallow custard, so you’ll have nailed two techniques in one.

When the weather gets cooler, make the Elvis French Toast. There’s marshmallow, there’s maple syrup, there’s bacon. I mean, yum!

Like what you’ve seen? Visit to buy the book and discover more marshmallow recipes, or follow the Marshmallowist on Instagram for delicious pictures of her latest creations.


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