How to Survive Wedding Season

Wedding season can be an emotional, and financial, rollercoaster. Panic not, we’re here to help…

We LOVE a good wedding. What better excuse to get dressed up and celebrate with the ones you care about most. While most of the build-up is all smiles and excitement, wedding season sometimes feels like it was sent to try us. Don’t worry, we’ve ALL been there. And we’ve got a few tips to deal with those emotional highs and (occasional) lows.

When You’re Asked to Be a Bridesmaid

This is 99.6% exciting news. But if behind the happy tears you’re secretly worried about what dress she might pick out for you to wear, then why not offer to help her with the Wedding Ideas Pinterest board and send subliminal style messages via social media. Sorted. If you still have to wear something you’re not keen on then we suggest saving the bride extra stress and smiling through the pain – you’ll probably laugh about it in years to come anyway.

When It Feels Like a Hen Don’t

You’ve had 73 emails, Whatsapp won’t shut up, and you’re about ready to delete your Facebook account entirely. If you’re on the receiving end of endless updates, remember you can silence conversations on most apps so you can dip in and out when it suits you. If you’re the one trying to schedule celebrations, Doodle is a lifesaver – it allows everyone to input their availability so you can see at a glance which day works for most people. Phew!

When 1 Hen Do Is Not Enough

You love any excuse to get dolled-up and go out with the girls, you even love hanging out with her mum, her sister, her work friends… but two hen dos? Seriously!? Unless it’s your sister or life-long bestie, it’s definitely not unreasonable to get a heads-up on the itineraries for both and then attend the one that best suits you (and your budget). Especially if you’ve got more than one wedding in the diary. There are only so many weekends (and pay days) in one summer, after all.


When The Wedding Is Off the Beaten Track

Oh, that lovely little wedding venue, that’s barely on the map, that’s at least a £50 cab ride from civilisation and the nearest public transport.  Sometimes the most beautiful wedding venues are not exactly conveniently located, and hotels book up fast when wedding season descends. So why not make a mini-break of it, grab some friends and book a bolthole on Airbnb. You can split the taxi bills and save pennies by taking your own supplies.

When The Dress Code Isn’t Clear

Dress codes can be confusing, but we say slightly overdressed is always better than underdressed. We all know what Beyoncé would do. Just steer clear of lacy white maxi dresses and you’ll be fine. If you want to be certain you’ve got it right, either ask the couple or do an image search for the wedding venue… it will give you an idea about how dressy people usually go.

When There’s No Gift List

They say it’s the thought that counts… but If you’re really not sure what to get them, you could always club together with some other friends. That way, you get more ideas (and more people to blame if it all goes wrong). Otherwise, experiences usually go down well like a cinema pass, a meal at their favourite restaurant or those theatre tickets for the show they’ve been talking about for ages.

When You’re Not 100% Sure About Your Outfit

You talked yourself into the new outfit, you promised you’d wear in those shoes, and now it’s 10-minutes-to-taxi time and you’re having second thoughts. We all love a new outfit to wear to a wedding, but it’s definitely worth having a back-up look. Throw that dress you’ve worn loads and can always rely on in your bag too. If you’re not feeling that new frock on the day, just switch it for a tried-and-tested style instead. Also, never forget the undies – try on the full outfit, including lingerie to make sure everything fits and flatters.

When It Feels Like You’re the Only Single One

In our experience the single table is the most fun. Embrace it. And make sure you’re first up for a dance-off once the lights dim and the disco lights go on. If you’ve got a new partner on the scene who hasn’t been invited, it’s always worth asking if there have been any last-minute drop-outs, just in case.

But as busy and expensive as wedding season can feel, once the outfit is bought, the gifts have been chosen, the accommodation is booked and the plans are in place, you’re almost certain to have an amazing time. And if not, there’s always cake to look forward to…. Or the next wedding.

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Jenny - Editor

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