How to Make a Macramé Plant Hanger

Splashed out on succulents? Now all you need are pretty pots to place your new plant babies in. Luckily for you, making your own Macramé plant hanger surprisingly easy …

So, what exactly is it? Macramé is the French craft of tying knots in thick cord or string to create beautiful designs for decorative wall hangings or plant hangers, and we’re a big fan. Even better news;  it’s eco-friendly, very insta-friendly and pretty cost-effective too.


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Macramé is having a bit of a moment right now, possibly because it’s a great exercise for mindfulness. Making something with your hands can be a great way to pull your mind away from other stresses in life (and we all have a few of those at the moment)!

We asked Tamasine, our very own CRM Manager and queen of crafting, to show us how to make a simple yet impressive Macramé plant hanger from the comfort of our own homes.

What you’ll need:

  • 8 x 4 metre lengths of Macramé cord or yarn (I work in 3mm – 5mm thickness), thicker cord will give a bulkier knot.
  • 2 x shorter lengths of cord measuring 1 metre each
  • 1 wooden hoop or loop of string tied into a circle
  • 1 ‘S’ hook (or a coat hanger will work)
  • Somewhere to hang your masterpiece while you’re working, a clothes rail is ideal but I’ve also used clothes racks, doors, nails in the wall… anything you can hang something from at head height.
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1. Starting your Macramé masterpiece

a) Pass the 8 metre lengths through your hoop and hang your piece using the ‘S’ hook or coat hanger to wherever you are working from e.g. a clothes rail

b) Your cords should be roughly hanging from the middle so that the lengths are approximately all equal in length.

c) You’ll be left with 16 strands of cord hanging down.

2. The wrapping knot

This is the knot you’ll need to secure all the loose cords to the hoop and secure everything together. View how to make a wrapping knot here:



a) TOP TIP: Don’t pull the string too taught, especially when pulling the loop through. It needs to be firm but if you pull the string too tight you’ll end up with a bunched knot. Pull it so the loop has just disappeared.

b) ANOTHER TOP TIP: Use your scissors to just gently push the ends you snipped behind the wrap knot so you don’t end up with loose ends.

c) Ta-da, this is your first knot!

3. The spiral knot


a) First take 4 strands that seem to naturally sit next to each other.

b) Leave the two in the middle still but hold them tight between your little finger and ring finger of your non-dominant hand

c) The two cords on the outside are your working cords, these are what you will be using to create the spiral effect. Ok, got that? Great! Here’s how to make your spiral:

d) I made about 20 individual knots on my spiral. Once you’ve completed this on your first 4 strands repeat this step.

e) Continue until all your cords have been spiralled, you should end up with 4 spirals.


How to make a macrame plant hanger

4. A square knot or box knot

It’s exactly the same knot as you’ve just been doing, except instead of creating your L shape with the same every time, you’re going to alternate, left to right.



a) Make about 5 complete square knots (a complete square knot is where you have tied from both left and right side). You can do more, but just check how much string you’ve got left, it will have started to get shorter on your working cords.

b) Now, you guessed it – repeat until all 4 spirals have square knots too!


5. Tying it all together.

How to make a macrame plant hanger

a) Leave around a 20cm distance.

b) Tie 3 more square knots in each spiral cord, but don’t push these up to meet the others, keep the distance.

c) Then, instead of using the same spiral cords, take two cords from one spiral and two from the spiral adjacent to it. Ensure these naturally sit flat next to each other so they aren’t any crossed over.

d) Using another square knot tie these together. Use about two square knots for this and start about 3-4 cm away from your previous square knots.

e) Repeat until all your spirals are now connected.

f) I like to repeat this and cross over again with square knots for extra security but it’s not strictly necessary, your hanger will be fine without it too!

6. Finishing touches

How to make a macrame plant hanger

a) Get the plant pot you want to use in your hanger and place it inside your Macramé ‘net’ that you have just made.

b) Gripping all the strands together with one hand adjust the placement of your pot so the last square knots you tied sit roughly in the middle of the pot.

c) Use a hair pin or pen to mark the strands on the underside of your pot (about where they’re entering the grip of your hand), so you can see where the pot should sit.

d) Remove your pot.

e) Now going back to your wrapping knot, create a wrapping knot starting where your hair pin or pen mark is, snip your ends on the wrapping knot & tuck in with your scissors.

f) Trim the rest of the strands on your Macramé to equal length.

g) And presto! Pop in your plant and you have made your very first Macramé piece!



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