How to declutter your wardrobe for the new season

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Clearing out your wardrobe? Doing a stylish spring clean? We’re here to help. Read on for our easy-to-follow decluttering rules to make it as simple and stress-free as possible. Move over Marie Kondo, DP’s got this…

Your drawers are stuffed full, squeezing an extra hanger on the rail counts as an arm workout, and you can barely close your wardrobe door, yet somehow, you still have nothing to wear. Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kinda gal. Maybe you find it hard letting go of things you once treasured, or maybe the thought of sifting through endless piles of clothes is just too overwhelming. Whatever the reason for an overstuffed closet, now’s the perfect time to declutter your wardrobe. With spring just around the corner (YAY!), it’s time to freshen up, and it’ll make you feel gooood. Plus, you’ll have room for all those new season styles. Let’s do this!

As with many epic tasks, the key is to divide and conquer. Start by sorting your clothes into five piles (or five boxes) and label them ‘Hang’, ‘Store’, ‘Recycle’, ‘Donate’ and ‘Sell’. Next, go through all of your clothes, one by one, and categorise them according to these labels. The infographic below will help you do this in no time at all. Still unsure? Read on for more tips on how to turn your wardrobe into an ordered oasis.

How to declutter your wardrobe

Have you worn it in the past 6 months?

If you haven’t worn a garment in the past six months (unless it’s a summer piece that’s not suitable for cold weather) chances are you won’t wear it again. How often have you discovered an item in your wardrobe that you’d completely forgotten about? Exactly. Time to remove it from your wardrobe, either temporarily or for good!

Does it still fit you?

If you really like the garment and you’re confident that you’ll be able to wear it again one day, then store it. Otherwise get rid and never look back! Same applies to those items that fit you but don’t really suit you. Make sure your precious wardrobe space is used for clothes that make you look good and feel confident.

Is it suitable for the new season?

If the answer’s no, there’s no reason to keep it for the season ahead. Whether you want to store it or give it away, do not put it back in your wardrobe!

Does it have sentimental value?

We know how hard it is to let go of old clothes, and some may hold a sentimental value that brings back important memories. If this is the case, it’s totally okay to keep them. Just invest in some good storage boxes and maybe a mothball or two…

Is it in good condition?

If an item is damaged, then recycle, mend or repurpose it. Cut it into cleaning cloths or, if you think it can be repaired, consider whether doing it yourself is realistic (do not have it sitting in your wardrobe for months if you’re never going to fix it) or if using a professional service is worth the money. Read our tips on how to care for your clothes and be more eco-conscious.

What to donate?

Charity shops accept quality clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and more. As a general rule, if an item is too stained, damaged or dirty for you to wear, it’s probably past the point of donating to charity.

Where to sell?

Want to make some cash? Silly question. Websites and apps like eBay, Depop, Shpock, Vinted and Vestiaire Collective make it super easy and convenient to sell used clothes and vintage items online, or you could sell less-valuable pieces at your local car boot sale.

What wardrobe essentials do I need?

From go-with-everything boots to the do-it-all midi dress, there are certain pieces that every woman needs in her year-round rotation. Solve the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma once and for all with these fail-safe favourites:

What next?

Give your wardrobe shelves and rails a wipe before returning your ‘keep’ items. Once you’ve hung them back up, make sure you keep things organised by following the one-in-one-out rule. For every new garment you add, take an old one out. Also, hang your clothes in category and colour order. This allows you see what you’ve got more easily and makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze. Finally, store occasionwear and holiday clothes separately. These items probably only get worn a couple of times a year, but take up a significant amount of space.

Now you’ve had a chance to declutter your wardrobe, check out our New In arrivals for all the latest styles.



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