How to Survive Black Friday

How to Survive Black Friday

Want to make Black Friday a little breezier this year? Well we are here to help with our top 10 tips on how to survive the stresses of sales and get the best deal.


There’s so much to think about when shopping on Black Friday, from queue etiquette, trying to stick to your shopping list, wondering whether you have enough strength to carry all those bags. It may seem daunting but any savvy shopper knows, with Christmas round the corner, it’s a surefire way to save some precious pennies on all those presents. Here is our ultimate Black Friday survival guide…


#1 Plan Ahead

Seen a dress you love, love, love but couldn’t justify the cost? Then scope out the shop and see if it’s part of any Black Friday deals. It’s worth it to get something you really want rather than panic buying simply because something is on offer. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!


#2 Dress Appropriately

Comfortable shoes are a must for all that running around and steer clear of heavy knits which may cause over heating (it can get hot in a mosh pit of eager shoppers!)


#3 Be Selective

Yes, it’s a bargain. But does it go with anything else you own? Is it something you can wear again and again? And always ask yourself the golden question – would you buy it if it wasn’t on sale?


#4 Don’t Brave it Alone

Make sure you’ve got your BFFs on hand to help find that must-have piece. Tag-teaming a big sale makes it much easier and means you can also keep an eye out for things each other like, because no one knows your taste as well as your bestie.


#5 Be a Go Getter

Once you hit the shop floor it’s every woman for herself so if you want something you have to go for it. Although remember to stay graceful ladies! Charging ahead to get that top you have your eye on is not the same as charging that poor other shopper who got the last top in your size.


#6 Get There Early

The early bird catches the worm, or in this case the savviest shopper gets the best deal! Get up nice and early to beat the mid-morning rush, because we all know being at the front of the queue guarantees shopping success.


 #7 Know The Market

Not all shops participate in Black Friday, so make sure you do you research and find out what’s on and who has all the best deals. Luckily for you we’re offering up to 50% off so you know where to go first!


#8 Don’t Be Too Selfish

Other people have to shop too, so if you know you definitely don’t want something let it go to a better home. You’ll feel good about it in the long run and think of all the good shopping karma you’ll get in return.


#9 Do it all Again on Cyber Monday

If like me, shopping is your cardio (and like me you don’t like to exercise unless you can help it) then don’t forget you can make the most of the sales all over again with Cyber Monday. Everyone knows that shopping at home is the best type of shopping!


#10 Remember to Treat Yourself

You definitely deserve it!

Feel you’re prepared and think you can survive it, tell us in the comment below and don’t forget to check out our Black Friday deals!


Sophia - Features Writer

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