The Essential Styling Piece You Need To Own Now

This Season's Essential Styling Piece

If you don’t already own a choker, it’s time to invest. This is the trend is clearly here to stay, for this season and next…

From classical paintings to cartoons, celebs to catwalks, choker necklaces have been worn in a variety of ways long before they came back with a vengeance earlier this year. But what is it that has made this style of necklace so appealing? From the chic to the iconic and everything in between, this is choker necklace 101…

This Season's Essential Styling Piece
From left to right: Rebecca Minkoff AW16, Cinderella 1950, The Star or Dancer on Stage, pastel, c. 1876, detail (Edgar Degas)

The Choker Timeline

1798 – Women started to wear red ribbon as a sign of resistance during the French Revolution. Ooh La La!

1874 – Ballerinas began sporting the trend, famously captured in paintings by Degas

Late 1800s – Alexandra, Princess of Wales wore layers of pearls around her neck to hide a scar. This set trends for the social elite who would sport precious stones and pearls around their necks.

1944 – Life Magazine revives the trend and renames the choker as a ‘Dog Collar’

1990’s – Everyone from school girls to superstars were rocking this trend. The ’90s goth movement started wearing the more dog-collar styles.

2013 – Jean Paul Gaultier included chokers on his catwalk in January

the history of the choker
Image Credit: Photo by The Art Archive/REX/Shutterstock (5850858rq) Queen ALEXANDRA 1844-1925, as Princess of Wales married Edward VII, 1863; photograph by W & D Downey, London Art (Portraits)

Throwback to the ’90s

Channelling your favourite childhood star has never been easier. Add a choker and you’ve got enough girl power to reunite the Spice Girls.

This Season's Essential Styling Piece
The Olsen Twins, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham Image Credits: REX/Shutterstock

The Little Black Choker

It goes with everything in your wardrobe from party dresses to basic tees. The little black choker instantly gives a nod to this season’s biggest jewellery trend.

This Season's Essential Styling Piece
Blue Star Printed Bardot Top £25, Sequin Shift Dress £45

When to Wear It

The beauty of the choker is that it can be worn with literally anything. From embellished velvet ribbons to tie in with the latest trends to decadent gold chains perfect for parties – there’s a choker to wear with every outfit.

This Season's Essential Styling Piece
Black Star Choker Necklace £10, Gold Chain Choker Necklace £16.50, Gold Pearl Choker Necklace £8.50

Choker DIY

A choker doesn’t just have to be a simple piece of jewellery. Try tying a skinny scarf around your neck a la Français for a chic update to any look.

This Season's Essential Styling Piece
Monochrome Spotted Skinny Neck Scarf £6

Work it Into Your Wardrobe

The choker has made its mark on accessories and fashion alike. Built in choker tops and dresses are a fuss-free way to rock this trend, as modelled by DP HQ’s Tally below.

The history of the choker
Black V Neck Choker Jumper, £22

With so many ways to wear and from only £6.50 the choker really is your shortcut to staying stylish.

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Image credits: WGSN and Rex Features/Shuttershock


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