Colours to Wear in 2019 Inspired by Your Star Sign

Whether you’re a sultry Scorpio or a caring Cancer, discover how to harness your best self this year in both the astrological and style stakes. Here’s what colour to wear in 2019, according to your star sign…

New year, new you may sound a little cliché, but when January hits it’s safe to say that most of us are ready to start afresh. Here at DP HQ, we love reading anything star-sign related – especially in January – so with the help of your horoscope here’s our take on what colours to wear to get a stylish start on the year ahead.

Aquarius– Jan 21-Feb 18. – Turquoise

Isla Fisher 

Freedom-loving Aquarius likes to go with the flow, which is why it makes sense for this open-minded water sign to swap a stressful Christmas season for the calming ocean colour of turquoise for the new year. For you innovative Aquarians, a splash of colour (or water!) is just the thing to energise your sign and help you kick-start the new year in style.

Pisces – Feb 19-March 20 – Indigo

Eva Longoria

For dreamy Pisces, a water sign ruled by Neptune, what better colour to wear in the new year than inky blues. Represented by two fishes swimming together, rich colours with a lot of depth are prefect for artistic Pisces. Dive straight in and make indigo you go-to for 2019 and beyond.

Aries- Mar 21- April 20. – Orange

Saoirse Ronan

There is nothing Aries-fairy about this fearless fire sign, so it would make complete sense to start the year in a colour as bright and bold as you are – Orange. Ruled by the planet Mars, if anyone can pull off a bold colour it’s a trailblazing Aries. Blessed with a strong sense of self-belief, orange is the perfect colour to keep those confidence levels high.

Taurus- April 21-May 20. -Pink

Jessica Alba

We all know you can be a little stubborn Taurus, you are represented by the bull after all, but let’s take a moment to concentrate on your, sometimes hidden, softer side. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, why not embrace a little romance this year with pretty pinks, and your wardrobe will be feeling the love through to Valentine’s and beyond.

Gemini- May 21-June 20. – Yellow

Kylie Minogue

Swap the January blues for cheerful yellows to get 2019 going. Optimistic, uplifting and full of energy, yellow sums up your sunny personality and will make you the shiny star of what can otherwise be quite a dreary month. Whimsical and refreshing pops of yellow will prove to be just the thing to keep a chatty Gemini the centre of attention.

Cancer- June 21- July 21. – Silver 

Selena Gomez

Your soft and sensitive soul is why we like you, so don’t change too much please, instead reconnect with your compassionate, caring nature by wearing subtle pale colours like silvers and dove greys. Delicate colours may suit this sign’s gentle nature, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still shine, with silver sequins being a great way to showcase your style this year.

Leo- July 22 to Aug 22. – Gold 

Kylie Jenner 

You may be known for being loud and proud, but what people tend to forget is how warm and loving you can be too. With warmth being an advantage for a cold January, why not spread the festive cheer a little longer with glittering golds, because, as we already know Leo, all eyes should be on you all year round – not just during the party season.

Virgo- Aug 23-Sept 22. – Green

Salma Hayek

A practical perfectionist, embrace your more grounded side this new year with olive greens and khakis (you are an earth element after all!) Being as lovely as you are also means you can be a bit of a people pleaser, so this year why not concentrate on the root of what you really want, and wear some green as a reminder!

Libra- Sept 23- Oct 22. – Lavender 

Freida Pinto

Lovely Libra can get a little exhausted after Christmas – you are the socialite of the zodiac after all darling. Following a hectic festive season, reconnect to your zen with calming pastel shades of lavender. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, (two things every Libra knows about), opt for soft shades to start the year with some serenity, sartorially speaking.

Scorpio- Oct 23- Nov 21. – Maroon

Emma Stone

Eternally the astrological trendsetter, Miss Scorpio has a magnetic, intense energy, which means whatever they are wearing the attention will be on them. Sultry shades of burgundy, maroon and crimson reds should be your port of call (excuse the pun) this January, so think moody colours and luxurious layers to start the year right.

Sagittarius- Nov 22- Dec 20. – Plum

Chrissy Teigen

With a big personality there is no doubt that you already have grand dreams for the year ahead. One of the most extroverted of all the fire signs, come January start your year with a bang in bold purples and plums. No other shade conveys pride and spirit quite as well, which for you, the sparkling Sagittarius, is practically perfect.

Capricorn- Dec 21-Jan 20. – Chocolate 

Sienna Miller

When a Capricorn does something, they do it properly. As the over-achiever in the astrological sphere, there is no doubt that you should start the year in an appropriately stylish manner. A born leader, this earth sign should take the lead in the fashion style stakes with on-trend chocolate browns and caramels.


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