What Christmas jumper are you?

On a scale of Scrooge to Santa, how much do you love a good Christmas jumper? Take our fun-filled quiz to find out…

Whether you’re full-on festive (think bold colours, tongue-in-cheek slogans and cartoon reindeer galore) or prefer something a little more traditional, there’s nothing like a Christmas jumper to get you in the holiday mood. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which one suits you best? We’ve put together the ultimate quiz to help answer that very important question — ‘What Christmas jumper are you?’

Super organised or super last minute? Your present buying strategy is…


a) Online – you just can’t cope with the shops at this time of year.

b) Christmas Eve. It’s hectic but you love the shopping rush!

c) Going to your local shopping centre, written list in hand.

d) You’ll make a day of it and head to London’s famous Oxford Street (aka Christmas Shopping Wonderland).

What’s your go-to Christmas film?


a) Love Actually. You love a good rom-com.

b) The perfect feel good flick – Home Alone.

c) It’s a Wonderful Life… on repeat.

d) Elf! Finally someone who loves Christmas just as much as you.

What’s the tree looking like?


a) A miniature artificial tree – for once you’ve made some effort.

b) Decorated to the max with lots (and lots) of tinsel.

c) A classic fir you brought from your local market.

d) The biggest tree you could fit inside the house… you’ve had it there since November!

What’s at the top of your Christmas list?


a) Surprise me! (as you haven’t actually made a list).

b) A new pair of shoes for your next night out.

c) The latest books you can’t wait to read.

d) All the Christmas chocolate a girl could eat!

Finally describe your perfect Christmas Day…


a) Putting your feet up and watching the telly. Yay! Two extra days off from work.

b) Having a blast with all your loved ones, with a Christmas hits playlist at top volume!

c) Spending the morning cooking up a storm, followed by back-to-back Christmas films.

d) Christmas day? It’s a Christmas WEEK for you. You go to town prepping all the decorations, presents and food. And we mean all the food. We bet you’re eating turkey sandwiches 24/7 until the 31st

If you’re mostly a)… The not-really-into-Christmas jumper

Female model wearing black glitter jumper

Glitter puff sleeve jumper, £24

You’re not quite a Grinch, but your loved ones may say otherwise… Christmas jumpers aren’t your thing, but how can you not resist a little sparkle? This glittery knit will keep you looking stylish and possibly even get you in the Christmas spirit…

If you’re mostly b)… The party jumper

Female model wearing let it snow Christmas jumper

Let it snow jumper, £24

For you, Christmas is just an excuse to have a party… or two. You love a good celebration and being around people — so what’s not to like about the festive season? And as you also love to entertain, a playful slogan jumper is totally you. Just add some sparkly jewellery.

If you’re mostly c)… The traditional jumper

Female model wearing reindeer Christmas jumper

Reindeer hotfix jumper, £26

You like to keep it traditional at Christmas and spend a lot of quality time at home. The festivities are usually a no-fuss affair and you enjoy the little things like making mince pies or watching telly. A more subtle jumper is just what you need for a cosy Christmas.

If you’re mostly d)… The ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS!’ jumper

Female model in penguin Christmas jumper

Penguin bobble jumper, £28

There’s no denying that you live and breathe the festive season. “All I want for Christmas” is your ringtone from October, and your Christmas jumper selection  (let’s be real, you’ll have more than one) could outshine the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. You’re obsessed with all things Christmas and aren’t afraid to snow it. Whoops, we mean show it!

Did our quiz get you in the the festive mood? Don’t forget to check out our Christmas shop too for more festive favourites. 



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