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There’s no escaping the focus on food right now, with Bake Off filling our screens (and headlines), we also find ourselves in the midst of British Food Fortnight and next month there’s National Baking Week.

So to embrace the baking spirit, we thought we’d share with you a few tried-and-tested tasty cake recipes that we can highly recommend. So you too can get your bake on…

Red Velvet Cupcakes

First up, we’re addressing the hot topic from September’s National Cupcake Week, where at DP HQ we discussed ‘what exactly is Red Velvet flavour?’ Traditionally the recipe is based on a chocolate mix, with red food colouring added to give the bold red appearance to the sponge. Yet some bakers choose to add beetroot to their Red Velvet to further add to the flavour and bring extra brightness to the sponge. Either way, it simply must be topped with cream cheese frosting, to give that melt-in-the-mouth cheesecakey overall taste.

Here’s our favourite way to bake Red Velvet cupcakes, and it’s The Hummingbird Bakery way of course. Click here for Red Magazine’s write up of the recipe you need in your life.

Our top tip: As the cake has cream cheese in the frosting, any cupcakes not eaten on the same day as baking, should be stored in the fridge overnight. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

More of us than ever before are opting for gluten free options, so here’s a classic that everyone will love – from kids to hubbies – it’s choc chip cookies! The recipe is spun to be suitable for those who can’t, or don’t wish, to eat gluten.

We love the way food blogger, She Who Bakes, has recommended how to make them best. Click here for her recipe.

Our top tip: These cookies are best eaten on the day of baking, or the day after if kept in an airtight container.

The Chocolate Ganache Drip Cake 

Something crinkly, gold and very chocolatey..🤗 #theyellowwhisk

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If you’re after your very own dinner party showstopper (well Christmas is coming after all), then look no further than a dripping ganache chocolate explosion cake. Topped with all your favourite chocolates – it’s indulgence at its finest!

As featured on the Good to Know website, this guidance is courtesy of Taming Twins blogger (and super Mum), Sarah Barnes. Click here to follow the fail-safe recipe. Sarah explains ‘the drip is often a ganache or loose icing that is drizzled around the top edge of the cake so it drips down to create the drip effect, also called flooded cake. It’s really easy to achieve.’ Let’s hope so!

Our top tip: Simply serve it up and wait for the ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’ and compliments to roll on in!

And don’t forget Halloween is next month, so it’s time to start thinking up your spookiest creations. Guaranteed crowd-pleasers whatever your plans on 31 October.

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If like us you’re a fan of all things food related, here are a few important dates for your diary:

  • The Great British Bake Off (every Wednesday BBC1, 8pm until early November
  • British Food Fortnight: 17 September – 2 October
  • World Vegetarian Day: 1 October
  • National Baking Week: 17–23 October
  • World Food Day: 16 October


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