Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Blogging Sisters Olivia & Alice

Influencers, entrepreneurs, instagrammers and most importantly sisters. We caught up with blogging duo Olivia & Alice to find out everything we’ve always wanted to know about them…

Q: What do you love about your sister’s style?

Olivia: Alice has always had a naturally cool style in a laid-back kind of way. She’s great at buying investment accessories and making them work with different outfits. She can make a simple jeans and top outfit look cool just by styling with the right bag or shoes.

Alice: I love that Olivia is very true to her own personal style. She has an amazing knack of sifting through a rail and finding something that most people would never notice.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Blogging Sisters Olivia & Alice
Berry Princess Coat £59

Q: How is your style different?

Olivia: I’m probably more ‘girly’. I naturally gravitate towards a frill or an a-line skirt with a pair of heeled boots, whereas Alice often wears (the) trousers!

Alice: Although on the whole we have a similar style I’d say that Olivia usually goes for a skirt or a dress whereas I would go for a pair of flares or a suit.

Q: Which item would you most love to steal from her wardrobe?

Olivia: Her black suede designer boots. She’s lucky we are not the same shoe size!

Alice: Rather than what I would most love to steal it’s probably what I most often steal! I’d say the one item would have to be her black and white striped jumpsuit… it’s amazing!

Q: Where do you like to hang out on a lazy Sunday?

Both: Our favourite London hangout at the moment is the newly refreshed Trafalgar Hotel, on the south side of Trafalgar Square. It’s central, but once inside, it’s serene, calm, and the staff are super helpful and attentive. We spent a lot of time there in between shows at London Fashion Week.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Blogging Sisters Olivia & Alice
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Q: And what’s your favourite place to go shopping in London?

Both: Westbourne Grove is absolutely lovely for shopping, it has a luxurious feel to it without being too flashy. There’s lots of little boutiques and stores where you can shop without it feeling too busy.

We also love Shoreditch. Box Park has so many cool independent brands and, of course, the vintage stores in Brick Lane. We love finding unique pieces to pair with high street brands to give an outfit a unique flair.

Q: Tell us about your favourite look from the shoot?

Olivia: I absolutely loved the first look we shot, I wore a dark green coat, grey checked trousers and black slingback courts. The coat is absolutely beautiful quality and the colour is perfect for autumn. It’s also perfect to throw on over a Christmas party outfit – I always love dark green pre-Christmas.

Alice: I would have to say the leather-look skirt with cream jumper, amazing check coat and grey sock boots. My friends who have seen the shots have already put the coat on their wishlist!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Blogging Sisters Olivia & Alice
Check Coat Coming Soon, Khaki Coat Coming Soon

Q: Which of your sister’s shoot outfits did you like best and why?

Olivia: I loved the outfit where Alice wore the burgundy biker style jacket with faux-fur lining. The colours really suited her and I absolutely love that style of jacket. It’s such an easy piece to pair with a casual outfit but then pop on a pair of heels and you can also wear it out for dinner!

Alice: I loved the cream coloured coat with leather-look skirt and patent boots. The coat had a cosy collar and the colour of the boots was perfection! I also loved the zip detail on the boots.

Q: What’s the best thing about having a sister?

Olivia: There are so many good things about having a sister! People often ask whether we fight or argue and the honest truth is that we don’t! Although we have our own  friends, lots of what we do is together, and going to events is just much more fun when there’s two of you. It’s also great when decision making, as there is someone else to bounce ideas off! And of course, there’s the sharing our wardrobes – obviously!

Alice: The best thing about having a sister is having someone to listen and someone to give advice to, you never feel alone. Having someone who is always on your team is amazing and also makes life that bit more fun! You have the ability to be your own person while having someone by your side to encourage you and help you be the best version of yourself. Having a sister is a sibling and best friend all wrapped into one!

Q: What inspired you to start blogging?

Olivia: We have been running our brand, Amelia Jane London, for a few years and people are always interested in what we get up to. We started the blog to document that side of the business as well as outfits we wear (which most of the time match each other). We’ve worked with loads of bloggers for our brand and love reading their blogs so thought we should give it a go.

As well as our blog, Instagram and Twitter, we have recently launched our own YouTube channel which is really exciting and something new for us!

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Q: What’s the best advice your sister has ever given you?

Olivia: Alice is always giving me advice, mostly work related. Often I write too much info into an email. She always tells me that less is more and it really helps me with my timekeeping.

Alice: Never dress down for anyone else! When we were younger Olivia would always tell me I could be whatever I wanted to be and that I should wear what made me feel happy. She’s always instilled confidence in me.

Q: Which trend are you most excited about for autumn/winter?

Olivia: We are loving mustard, dark green and burgundy at the moment. I also love Christmassy colours, and adding that element of fun to festive season dressing. I’m really excited about wearing velvet, sparkle and gold.

Alice: I LOVE  layering coats and boots for autumn/winter! I’m excited for velvet and brightly coloured boots (I’ve already found my first pair from Dorothy Perkins).

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Blogging Sisters Olivia & Alice
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Check out Olivia & Alice’s trial of our favourite coat trends of AW17 over at Dorothy Perkins.





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