5 Reasons to Get Dressed-up Right Now

It’s time to put away the loungewear and slip into something a little less comfortable (it’s worth it we promise!)

Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand, whether you already have a plan in mind or you just want to mix it up. If you want an excuse to get dressed up – we’ve got five for you and the perfect outfit to pair them with!

1. It’s birthday time

With Zoom, Facetime, Skype and more, there’s a lot of ways to stay connected with friends and still have a great Friday night, with birthdays being no exception! Getting dressed up is all part of the fun, even if the party you’re throwing is a virtual one. Whether it’s your special day or you have a friend you want celebrate, go all out with a glittery party dress!


2. You’ve got a big meeting

Need an extra boost for your next big conference call? Dress the part and the rest will follow. Wearing your most flattering, confidence-boosting outfit can be just the thing to help you get in the zone, so if you want to put your best foot forward, it could be time to step away from the loungewear set. From sharp tailoring to perfectly ironed blouses, don’t just work from home, work it from home too!


3. Indoor picnic

Haven’t got a garden? It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a picnic! From re-arranging the living room furniture to eating alfresco on your balcony, bring the flowers inside with a beautiful floral tea dress instead. Got a garden? (lucky you!) Make the most of the warmer weather with a pretty Bardot top.


4. Date night at home

Home-cooked meal and a movie? Pick an evening for date night at home and make it extra special with an LBD. Instead of splitting the cheque, split the courses, with one of you making the main and the other taking care of dessert. If you’ve been living in pyjamas lately then putting on a pretty dress might be just the thing to lift your mood. Swap your slippers for a pair of heels and get ready to fall in love with fashion all over again.


5. Just because…

Do you even need a reason? We think you deserve it, so even if you’re not leaving the house, dress for yourself and go do your thing.

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