14 Reasons to Love Being Single

There are so many reasons to love being single we decided to write them all down.

Yes, there are loads of fantastic reasons to love being in a relationship, but come on, going solo isn’t so bad. After all Beyoncé didn’t write the iconic ‘Single Ladies’ for nothing! Here are just a couple of reasons we love (or miss) our single life…

1. Getting ready to go out can take as long as you like… with frequent Instagram breaks.

2. Shaving is completely optional!

3. It’s okay to order Deliveroo with absolutely no intention of sharing.

4. The TV is yours. ‘The Good Place’ on repeat please.

5. Two words: Dating. Apps. Need we say more?

6. Travelling alone. Scary at first, but totally worth it.

7. You’re always going to be the friend with the juicy gossip. Which means you’ll get invited everywhere!

8. And you’ll never have to turn down a Girls’ Night Out down.

9. Embrace your inner cat lady and own as many fabulous felines as your lease allows.

10. Relationships cost money, which we’d much rather spend on a new clothes…

11. Your home is exactly how you want it to be. And there are no one else’s clothes fighting for that precious wardrobe space.

12. No more relationship drama. You can quite literally Netflix and Chill out.

12. Getting as much sleep as you possibly can AND having the duvet all to yourself.

13. Aspiring cook or writer? You’ll have actually time (and no distractions!) to hone your skills.

14. Finally, you’ll get to enjoy your own company and realise just how much of beautiful/clever/talented woman you are. Cheers to that!

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Katie Price

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