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Shoe Storage Hacks in the Click of a Heel… with Vicky Silverthorn

Women LOVE shoes, can’t buy enough shoes, sit at work and daydream about shoes! BUT, storing their shoes is another story. Luckily, Dorothy Perkins and celebrity de-clutter expert, Vicky Silverthorn of, have teamed up to answer all of your shoe storage prayers, and ensure that you will never miss a Dorothy moment…

Shoe Infographic

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1-10: Store Seasonal Shoes Away

Vintage suitcases are a simple yet effective storage solution.

Vicky says:

“Not only incredibly practical, this makes a feature of beautiful cases that will add a chic touch to your interiors.”

11-20: The Easy Grab And Go

A decorative solution for everyday shoes when you walk in the door.

Vicky Says:

“Any storage solution that looks good and makes sense is great in my eyes. Just make sure all shoes are facing forward neatly…simple!

21-30: Label Your Shoe Boxes

The perfect alternative to labelling shoe boxes with polaroids!

Vicky says:

“A quick and easy storage solution! My celebrity clients often have large amount of shoes…this is most definitely a popular choice for them!”

31-40: Washing Line Display

Investing in a couple of towel rails for your wall is the perfect storage solution for high heels you will want to show off.

Vicky says:

“If you enjoy open storage this is for you. Best works with flat shoes or flip flops. Shoes on display means you don’t forget what you have”

41-50: Stacking Crates To Fit Your Space

Crates can often be sourced for free from your local corner shop, and when painted look so effective!

Vicky says:

“I love this shabby way of storing shoes and accessories. Face shoes forward to make the area look neat and add more crates as your shoe collection grows”

51-60: Under Bed Baskets

Get your hands on gorgeous under bed baskets, and using old wine dividers, slot into baskets to further organise your shoes.

Vicky says:

“You can buy beautiful baskets in various colours and styles to go with your bedroom. Much prettier than your standard under bed storage.

60+: Shoes in Stairs

The ultimate shoe storage for a shoe’aholic! Adding storage into your stairs is a fun, inventive way to keep those shoes tidy!

Vicky Says:

“I adore this hidden solution. There is a lot of usable space around your home if you look closely. Functional and not as hard to create as you may think!”