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2017 is the year of the dress, so read on for your dress horoscope and find the perfect style for your sign.


Capricorn Capricorn - Dress 1 Capricorn - Dress 2 Shop Shift Dresses > Capricorn

You’re all about sophistication, classic pieces and simple elegant style. Accessories are key, as are details that nod to the latest trends. A simple shift shape is perfect for you – it’s a classic that gets updated season after season.

Aquarius Shop Statement Dresses > Stripe Pleated Midi Dress Red Pencil Dress Aquarius

Strong-willed, you always dress for yourself and love to experiment with style, as in every aspect of your life. Like your approach to life, you’re up for anything when it comes to fashion so don’t stick to just one style.

Pisces Pisces - Dress 2 Pisces - Dress 1 Shop Lace Dresses > Pisces

Due to your romantic nature, you’re drawn to feminine textures and soft, subtle shapes. You love anything that’s eye-catching including shimmering details, floaty fabrics and, of course, the ultimate romantic texture - lace. 

Aries Shop Shirt Dresses > Black Shirt Dress Blue Denim Shirt Dress Aries

You have a natural confidence and aren’t afraid to try out the latest trends. While your signature style is quite low-key, you love to add a twist to your look. You hate the dull and tend to get restless, so think shirt dresses with utility details.

Taurus Blue Stripe Bodycon Dress Scarlett B 'Lauren' Black Dress Shop Bodycon Dresses > Taurus

Your love for comfort is never compromised. Cool pairings of classic staples and quality pieces give every look that down-to-earth charm. Opt for bodycon dresses and simply accessorise accordingly - trainers and a biker jacket for off-duty and killer heels for a night out!

Gemini Shop Little Black Dresses > Gemini - Dress 2 Gemini - Dress 1 Gemini

You are equally confident dressed to the nines as you are off-duty on weekends. You can’t resist giving into your inner magpie with dazzling accessories. Let your mood rule your wardrobe by taking a simple LBD and styling it to suit whoever you decide to be each day. 

Cancer Black Floral Jersey Dress Shop Printed Dresses > Cancer

You always look well put together and love feminine silhouettes, hues and dainty details. You’re sentimental and lean towards vintage florals and classic colours. Master your style in a tea dress - the perfect mix of romantic and sophisticated. 

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Leo Shop Prom Dresses > Leo - Dress 1 Leo Dress 2 Leo

You always seek to stand out and aren’t afraid of a fashion challenge. You love to dress up, no matter what the occasion, so look to formal dresses to fill your wardrobe. Think prom styles in bold prints, sparkly embellishment or laden with accessories. Let’s Get Loud!

Virgo Virgo - Dress 1 Virgo - Dress 2 Shop Pencil Dresses > Virgo

Powerful and feminine, you’re ladylike and sexy but don’t like to show it off - for you less is more. This means fitted silhouettes but in a bold colour to show off your less-serious side. Your must-have dress is a pencil dress, perfect for the boardroom but equally stylish for the bar after hours.

Libra Shop Swing Dresses > Red and Black Stripe Tee Dress Black Cowl Neck Dress Libra

You love all things beautiful which makes your style eclectic. One day you’re girly and the next you’re rocking sports chic. You like to mix and match depending on what looks good and how you feel. A swing dress is perfect for you - dress it up or down it’s the master of mixing.

Scorpio Monochrome Spotted V-neck Front Wrap Dress Shop Midi Dresses > Scorpio

Your look is seductive but your style is sophisticated. Your sense of mystery means you appreciate slinky styles as much as clean-cut lines. You take the simple and give it an edge through texture, details or accessories. A midi dress is your perfect combination of elegance and sexiness.

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Sagittarius Shop Skater Dresses > Sagittarius - Dress 1 Sagittarius - Dress 2 Sagittarius

You like everything to be ‘just so’ and your polished wardrobe is no exception. Your confidence means you embrace prints and colours, which makes the skater dress perfect as it comes in every style you could wish for!